Smart Fresh: If Harry Potter grew apples

Other than being another ambiguous term for how you should dress at a party, Smart Fresh is a cold room technology used for short to medium term apple storage.

And being a sexy, smart, fruit industry Profreshionalâ„¢, I nod along keenly when growers mention Smart Fresh, “yes yes, of course, I understand Smart Fresh and the magi– science that goes along with it, I’m a sexy fruit expert this is trivial hahaha”. Of course, I understand the result: apples go into a cold room hard, and come out months later just as hard. But what the hell is ‘Smart Fresh’?

How Smart Fresh works

Smart Fruit (1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)) works similarly to caffeine in our body. When you ingest caffeine, it binds to Adenosine receptors in the brain because caffeine is similar in structure to Adenosine. Adenosine would generally connect to these receptors causing drowsiness, but because the caffeine is already there, you don’t feel drowsy.

Smart Fresh (1-MCP) is similar to ethylene; the chemical most fruits produce to ripen themselves. The 1-MCP connects to the ethylene sensitive sites on the galas, reducing the fruits response to ethylene, putting fruit ripening on hold.

If you are tired after all the science, blame Adenosine not me.

What does this do practically for the apple? Magic! Or as Simon Favaro said in our interview: Smart Fresh makes a huge difference for not just eating quality of Gala and other apples, but increases overall pack outs (meaning less fruit has gone too soft by the time the fruit gets put into a box).

The result is better apples and has explicitly made a considerable difference to Stanthorpe Royal Gala apples, helping them maintain their crunch.

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