Podcast: Learning about Chestnuts with Andrew Hall!

Welcome back to another episode of The Fruit Dudes! The podcast about exceptional flavour in fruit and the skill and passion it takes to produce. Today we are talking Chestnuts with Andrew Hall!If you have any questions about this episode or anything fruit related feel free to email us on elliott@thefruitdudes.com or chris@thefruitdudes.com

William Pears for Manly Men

By Miguel Sanchez Hello Fruit People. Today's topic for me to rant about is New Season William Pears. Yes, they are green. Yes, they come from Shepparton, Victoria. And Yes, they are in season from the start of February until the end of April. Problem is. I find it hard to get rilled up and... Continue Reading →

Smart Fresh: If Harry Potter grew apples

Other than being another ambiguous term for how you should dress at a party, Smart Fresh is a cold room technology used for short to medium term apple storage. And being a sexy, smart, fruit industry Profreshionalâ„¢, I nod along keenly when growers mention Smart Fresh, "yes yes, of course, I understand Smart Fresh and... Continue Reading →

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